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Solar technology concentrated in our street lights

in our street lights


LUMi'iN’s street lights

Lumi’in solar street lights were designed to bring efficient lighting thanks to an easy-to-use, reliable and entirely autonomous system. They are destined for all sites not linked to the electricity grid and that require connection fees. The electric energy produced by the photovoltaic modules is stored in batteries to use during night time. The optimal use is to light public spaces as well as roadways or privates places. Lumi’In has created a research unit specialised in these installations. They develop materials and options specifically tailored to the wants of the client. All the materials are manufactured and tested by Lumi’in in order to guarantee a high level of quality and time-related dependability. The poles are manufactured according to the European standards EN-40, which regulate the installation of public lighting systems. They are available in different sizes between 3,5m and 12,0m (higher poles can be available if needed).

Technical characteristics and performances

Height Pole distance solar panel LED source Battery LUX Autonomy
3.5m 15m 20Wc 6W 40Ah 10-25lux 3-4 days
5m 20m 60Wc 20W 50Ah 32-38lux 3-4 days
6m 22m 90Wc 30W 80Ah 32-38lux 3-4 days
7m 25m 120Wc 60W 100Ah 32-38lux 3-4 days
8m 30m 70Wc x2 60W 70Ah x2 32-38lux 3-4 days
9m 40m 85Wc x2 90W 80Ah x2 32-38lux 3-4 days
10m 45m 100Wc x2 90W 100Ah x2 32-38lux 3-4 days
11m 50m 120Wc x2 120W 120Ah x2 32-38lux 3-4 days
12m 55m 140Wc x2 150W 140Ah x2 32-38lux 3-4 days
Poles are available in different materials:
  • - Galvanised and/or painted steel
  • - Fiberglass
  • - Aluminium
  • - Wood
Smart street lights :

Our street lights are equipped with smart controllers-remote controllers are optionally available- that take care of the charging and discharging of the batteries, (all security aspects are included), as well as all the lighting options: be it thanks to an astronomic clock and a simple program or thanks to a detection of the rising and setting of the sun and/or time sequences. These are incorporated at the bottom of the pole with a secure latch.

Economical :

Lumi’in’s solar street lights can be quickly amortized compared to a grid connected solution. The electrical connexion requires civil engineering and can be subjected to degradations as well as an increase in current consumption on the grids, sometimes approaching near overload in winter.

LED lamps

All our street lights are equipped with the latest technological advances regarding LED lights. Each LED supplies more than 130 Lumen/W. The reflective technology allows gains of around 30% compared to the competition. A radiator in aluminium profile helps dissipate the heat. Furthermore, the angle of light diffusion has been improved to 140 degree Celsius, which increases the distance needed between each street light and thus reduces the required number which also decreases the costs.

Depending on the needs, the supplied power can go from 6 W to 150W, the equivalent of 24W to 500W for HPS lights.

. These lamps can also be used in 220V if they are used to replace HPS life nearly at the end of their lifetime. Regarding this subject: LED lifetime are superior to 50 000 hours.

The light colors vary from blued white to yellowed white including pure white (2000K to 8000K).


The batteries used are solar, waterproof, gel type batteries of 12V that do not require any caretaking. They can be buried or stored at the top of the pole. Their lifetime is of more than 7 years depending on the recharging cycles, hence the importance of an efficient controller.

DIALUX Studies

Ecologic building project

We can do a study of your project’s effect in terms of brightness. Starting with the ground plane, photos or a visit on site, we can do a numerical simulation of your project with the DIalux software. The Dialux study enables us to validate the quality of Lumi’in's solar street light lighting: respect of usual standards regarding public lighting, average lighting>20 lux for paths and parking spaces reserved for disabled or handicapped people,…

Solar panel studies

Example in Malijai

The photovoltaic study done with the PVGIS software enables us to validate the correct functioning of Lumi’In's solar street lights all year long: specific study according to your project and your area.

Different power levels can be programmed to different time slots

Each Lumi’In's solar street light has a smart, custom-made, charge regulator which can emit different power levels that can be programmed thanks to a remote controller (optionally available):

Different power levels can be programmed to different time slots:
Power setting between 0 -> 100% on 4 time slots :
- X* hours after the sun sets
- Intermediary time slots T1* and T2* with motion sensing (optionally available)
- Y* hours before the sun rises
Smart power function: automatic regulation of the LED power depending on the remaining capacity of the battery. Waterproof connections: IP 68.

*Timeslots X, Y, T1 and T2 are programmed according to the place where the lamp posts will be used as well as the needs of the client. A wide number of options are available: lithium batteries, fictive or real camera, customisable colours, motion detector, hybrid functionning: photovoltaic/grid, Premium range and custom-made products…

All of the Lumi’In team is at your disposition for any complementary information.

the option motion detection increases the power of the lamp post when a pedestrian or a biker comes by. The street light's power is then decreased (or can even be nullified) to limit its luminous pollution